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Choosing your football API: 3 factors to consider

Finding a reliable football API providing both historical and real-time data that is affordable and easy to implement – too much to ask? A growing number of developers seek their solution to time-consuming efforts of building custom APIs for sports applications in pre-built APIs offered by specialized parties. Using advanced data feeds, these APIs are tailored to the needs of developers, football enthusiasts, media and iGaming alike. However, with several football API providers around, how do you select the right data partner in realizing a successful football application or website? 

  1. Chart your needs

What type of football application or website do you want to build and, more importantly, what data do you need to do so? APIs differ in applicability for a variety of purposes, ranging from sports businesses or fantasy games to predictive betting websites or hobby projects. Whether you need your API to feature live scores, odds, fixtures, standings or more depends on your initial goal. Therefore, select a provider that’s specialized in sports data feeds covering your needs. 

Moreover, make sure to let your needs guide your search for a qualified football API provider. In doing so, choose an API  that is flexible rather than static. Static APIs limit you in removing or adding parameters, resulting in an overload of irrelevant data. With flexible APIs, you’re able to customize your data responses and tailor the API to the specific purposes of your application or website.     

  1. Choose quality 

Reliable data is far more valuable than cheap data. Even though you might be tempted to cut costs on your sport data feeds in order to get your website or application up and running – this choice will inevitably affect the entire quality of your product. Choosing an API providing high-quality data will result in significant added value to your users’ experiences. However, a football API forwarding reliable, high-quality and accurate data is not always an easy find. 

High-quality data is defined by its accurateness, completeness and speed; every few seconds your data must be updated to secure optimal value for your users as well as a trustworthy and reliable sports platform. RapidAPI, the leading platform in finding, connecting and managing APIs, has positioned sports API provider SportMonks as top-rated in reliable football data. The Football API by SportMonks is qualitative, flexible and forwards the most reliable football data compared to similar APIs by other providers.

  1. Think large-scale 

Scalability is one of the most important factors contributing to success. When your API has a limited data coverage, you too are limited in the service you provide your users. Expanding your platform to include other national leagues may result in a blockage vested in your current API. Choosing an API that covers a multitude of leagues worldwide allows you to scale up whenever you want without limitations. 

A trusted data provider

Depending on your needs and future plans, choosing the right football API and data provider can make or break the success of your platform. Therefore, charting your needs, choosing quality and thinking large-scale before choosing the right provider allows you to eliminate any issues you might run into while expanding your application or website.