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Corona and travel

Are you going on a trip soon? Then prepare well. Every country has its own corona rules. On this page we list what you should think about and where you can find useful information.

Tips for good preparation

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You can check which corona rules apply to your holiday destination at Wijsopreis.nl.

You need a DigiD to use the CoronaCheck app. No DigiD yet? Request this on time via digid.nl, also for your children.

On testvoorjereis.nl you will find all information about corona tests for your trip abroad.

Take a good look at the travel advice to see which type of test you need. For a trip abroad you often need a PCR test. Keep this in mind when making an appointment for a corona test. Read more about the different types of corona tests.

Travel in the EU with the Digital Corona Certificate

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The EU Digital Corona Certificate (DCC) makes it easier for you to travel within the European Union during the corona pandemic. The DCC is digital proof that someone:

Countries in Europe decide for themselves which of these proofs are accepted upon entry into the country and under which conditions. For example, which type of tests are accepted and how old a test may be. Other measures, such as quarantine for travelers, are also determined by the Member States themselves. Check Wijsopreis.nl for the latest state of affairs in the country of your destination. The DCC can be used in all EU Member States and is valid since 1 July 2021.

CoronaCheck app

Content is displayed. Opens the video in Youtube. In the Netherlands, the DCC is part of the CoronaCheck app. In this app you will find two QR codes: one for international use and one for use in the Netherlands, for example to gain access to a certain activity. Wejustgotback.com for more information. The reason for this difference is that the QR code for international travel will contain more personal data. Of course, privacy and data security are also taken into account.

Prefer a print on paper?

Don’t have a smartphone or would you rather print out your corona status? Via coronacheck.nl/print you can also print out your negative test, full (booster) vaccination or proof of recovery on paper and take it with you when you travel. If you do not have a computer or smartphone, you can call 0800-1421. You can then receive a corona certificate.

On return

Content is displayed. The government regularly changes the policy for returning to the Netherlands and testing when returning home. More information about this can be found on the website of the national government. Holidaymakers who return from holiday with corona-related complaints are advised to take a self-test. More information can be found on the website of the national government.