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Design Thinking Can Make Your Life Better

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How to use the principles of design thinking to improve your life. 10 recommendations from Bernard Roth, author of The Habit to Achieve.

Learn to control your impulses and emotions, be aware of your bias – our ideas too often do not correspond to reality.

Stop living with stereotypes and putting labels on everything. So you can see the surrounding reality in a new way and find new ways for self-development.

Give up excuses. When you make excuses, you are trying to absolve yourself of responsibility for your own behavior. In fact, by making excuses, we show that we are not responsible for our behavior, which means that we admit that we are not rational.

What annoys you about others says a lot about yourself. Some qualities you hardly recognize in yourself, because they do not fit into the inner image that you imagine.

To cope with a complex problem, you need to change the way you approach it. If you fixate on finding the answer to the wrong question, then you become like a drunkard from an anecdote – you yourself convince yourself that the situation is hopeless.

Learn from others and help yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask different people for advice, even those you might not expect to get it from.

Never use networking if you strive to catch up with people who are socially or financially superior to you. So you run the risk of becoming insincere and ingratiating.

Let yourself be directed not to try, but to act. Trying can be enjoyable, but only action is effective.

Be aware of what and how you tell yourself and others. Don’t forget the tone of the conversation. Sometimes people complain, but they don’t want to hear your advice. They just need you to listen to them and sympathize.

Working in a team is more profitable. Always look for how you can be useful to your team. After all, the success of the group leads to your success. And competition only leads to intrigue and envy.

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