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Purchase synthetic dreadlock extensions in your favorite color

With synthetic dreadlock extensions from Dreadshop your hair will look great and shiny. The extensions from this web shop are known for their high quality and vibrant colors. Next to that, this web shop offers an extensive product range, which means there is always a color that matches your own hair perfectly. Of course, you can also choose to go with an entirely different color option. The choice is yours!

Choose from different lengths and types of dreadlock extensions

Not only does the collection of Dreadshop exist of synthetic dreadlock extensions in many different colors, you also choose from a variety of lengths. This means there are most definitely extensions that suit the hair length you want to achieve with your new dreads. Of course, there are also other options when it comes to dread extensions. Thanks to the many different options you are sure to find dreads that meet your every demand and that perfectly suit your style.

Keep your locks in great condition with the right hair care products

Of course, you want to keep your synthetic dreadlock extensions in great condition. In order to do this, you need the right hair care products. Dreadshop sells exactly what you need. They have shampoos, conditioners and other hair products that will lengthen the lifespan of your dreads greatly. Of course, they do much more than that, as they also keep your locks looking shiny.

Purchase your new dreadlocks online

Do you want to add dreadlocks to your hairstyle? Simply order the high-quality synthetic dreadlock extensions from Dreadshop and enjoy a beautiful new hairstyle. You will look gorgeous without having to reduce your comfort, thanks to the light weight of the dread extensions. What more could you want? Choose from an extensive product range, place your order online and receive the extensions soon.